About AlSayr

About AlSayr - Here is a little bit about me.

About AlSayr – I have been authoring The Bunker Bible and The Stick for the last several years. Thirty-Nine Bibles in twenty-eight different languages. Eight Gigabytes of Survival Manuals in PDF format. Plus Audio Bibles, Podcast Sermons, books, and much more.

I’ve been Podcasting Christian Sermons and Audio Books by David Chadwell, Wayne Jacobsen, and others since 2007, and I’ve been blessed to know these great people and help spread the Good News. I hope this blesses you and your family. Please message me on Twitter at @AlSayr3.

I also put together the World Study Bible, The Bunker Bible, the stick, and the Survival PDF downloads.  I’ve also authored all of the web sites below.  Check out my Podcasts, My Book “When I Woke Up This Morning.”  And the other sites I have created are linked below.

My original website was online from 2007 to 2010. You will find several hundred podcasts here from that time. Written by David Chadwell and used with permission.

About Alsayr – My Journey to Podcasting

My podcasting journey began after coming back to the Church after twenty years. I found a great Minister named David Chadwell, who put all of his sermons online and contacted the West-Ark Church of Christ.

They gave me immediate permission to begin Podcasting all of the lessons. It was a pleasant time for me. I got to talk about God and Jesus and watched my Podcast downloads soar into the hundreds of thousands of downloads.

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