The Survival Stick

The Survival Stick is the best free Bible and Survival Resource available on the Internet! Everything is is included. The Survival Stick has Thirty-Nine Bibles in Twenty-Eight different languages. Eight Gigabyte of Survival Manuals in PDF format. Plus Audio Bibles, Podcast Sermons, books, and much more.
The Survival Stick

My name is AlSayr and I made The Survival Stick because Christianity is being forced underground at an alarming rate. I’m afraid it won’t be very long before a resource like this is impossible to find. Get your survival stick today. Each survival stick has a lifetime of fantastic Survival Manuals, Bible Studies, Daily Devotionals, Guides, Sermons, Books, Articles, and snippets.

Build your very own survival stick from these free downloads today.   You’ll have a resource to share the Gospel with everyone you meet. Even if they’re not believers.  There are life-saving PDF manuals that will change people’s lives. Every Survival Stick is packed with over 30 Gigabytes worth of data . Also, each Survival Stick is a stand-alone resource that does not require an internet connection to use.

This free software is fully functional under any of these scenarios.

  •  You need a minimum of a 32 GB USB Stick to hold all of the data.  You can make a pocket or purse resource to keep with you and make copies for friends
  •  Place all of the files here in the root of your web server directory and you’ll have a  fully built Web site.
  • If you choose a directory to build your Survival Stick you transfer the site to your Kindle or other device and have this entire library at your fingertips.

    Get Started today, download the stick now and get the rest at your leisure.  It’s fully functional with nothing to buy, ever.

Download the Survival Stick

Here is the stick base file. Download this file first and unzip it in the root directory of your 32 Gb USB stick or in a working directory of your choosing. This Base File is fully functional even if no other downloads are used. The additional downloads make everything local so you don’t have to rely on the Internet to use your stick.

  • To run The Stick simply double click on the index.htm file. 
  • Run your own website by moving all files to web directory.

Download our Podcasts

These are the add-on files for Podcasts. Unzip these files and place them in the GodsMessage directory of your USB stick or in your working directory.

Download our Survival PDFs

Survival PDF add-on files. There are over 6700 of them. Unzip these files and place it in the pdf directory of your USB stick or in your working directory. An Index of PDFs is available.

Download Daily Audio Bible

Daily Audio Bible add-on files from Brian Hardin. Unzip these files and place them in the Daily_Audio_Bible directory of your USB stick or in your working directory.

Audio Bible Downloads

Bible add-on files for the Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and English Audio Bible’s. Unzip all of these files and place them in the audio_bibles directory of your USB stick or in your working directory.

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