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Let Greg show you how the stick software works.

The stick is simply the best free Bible and Survival Resource available on the Internet for free! Everything is included. 39 Bibles in 28 different languages. 7.5 Gigabyte of Survival Manuals in PDF format. Plus Audio Bibles, Podcast Sermons, books, and much more.

My name is Greg and I made the stick because Christianity is being forced underground at an alarming rate. I’m afraid it won’t be very long before a resource like this is impossible to find. Get the stick today. Each stick has a lifetime of fantastic Bible Study, Daily Devotionals, Study Guides, Sermons, Books, Articles, Study Guides, and snippets.

Whether you build your stick from these free downloads or send us a small donation to build one for you. You’ll have a resource to share the Gospel with anyone you meet. Even if they don’t believe, there are life-saving PDFs that can change people’s lives. There are over 30 Gigabytes worth data on each stick. Each stick is a stand-alone resource that does not require an internet connection.

If you don’t feel like downloading and following the instructions to make your stick you can get one from us for a small donation of $14.95. The other option is to mail us your USB sticks and we’ll image them and return them via the United States Postal Service for a donation of $4.95 to cover shipping and handling.

To get started simply make your choice. To find instructions to make your stick for free click here. If you’d like to send us a USB stick to image and return to you please click here. If you’d like to donate USB sticks for others less fortunate please click here.

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